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Project Overview

To experiment with digital illustration techniques and styles through software such as Photoshop and Illustrator and bring them to life so they become dynamic and engaging moving image pieces. This can be achieved by utilising 2D & 3D animation and film-editing packages. Photography, video sequences and audio may also be integrated into the projects.

The creative process should be documented and developed through an extensive and thorough sketchbook that can include both digital and analogue elements. This can be presented as a traditional physical book and/or an electronic PDF document. It should contain examples of tests and demonstrate evolving concept ideas, as well as referencing and contextualising the work in relation to other artists, designers, collectives, movements etc. This can be done through the use of annotations and examples of their work.

Project Tasks

Choose ONE of the below project briefs:

1). A style magazine podcast series is launching on iTunes covering celebrity gossip stories. They’d like to produce a suitable logo and a short animated ident based upon that logo that instantly puts across the podcast’s subject matter. The piece should be no longer than 15 seconds in duration.

2). A restaurant is rebranding and has commissioned a new logo and local television advert to promote their fresh look. The restaurant is of the fine dining variety and the owners want to stress high quality, sophistication and a clean contemporary feel in all of their promotional materials. The advert should run for no more than 20 seconds.

3). Create a short animated infographics piece which takes some real statistical data available in the public domain and presents it to the viewer in an engaging and interesting way. It should be no longer than 30 seconds and can include a voiceover and any onscreen elements necessary to best get the information across.

4). A digital shorts film competition is inviting entries in their ‘experimental’ category. The piece should explore the relationship between light and sound and can cover any subject in an abstract or more defined form. Pieces should be no longer than 15 seconds.

You should aim to discuss your initial ideas with the module tutor before the pitch week.