Andrew Kramer provides tutorials and training on his Video Copilot website. There is also a beginners series of tutorials on this site here.

The ProVideo Coalition (PVC) website contains articles and blogs on topics of interest to professionals in the video industry. In addition to articles by Chris and Trish Meyer, the PVC website includes articles by Mark Christiansen, Frank Capria, Jim Feeley, Adam Wilt, Mark Curtis, and Scott Gentry.

The Toolfarm website provides forums, tutorials, and other resources related to After Effects and other Adobe products. The AE Freemart website is a division of Toolfarm that provides free tutorials about After Effects.

The AE Enhancers forum provides example scripts and useful information about scripting (as well as expressions and animation presets) in After Effects. Particularly active and helpful on this forum is Paul Tuersley.

Rich Young maintains a list of After Effects resources on his AE Portal News blog, as well as on the ProVideo Coalition website.

Angie Taylor provides tutorials and articles on her website, with a special focus on character animation and design fundamentals.

John Dickinson provides tutorials and other resources for After Effects and related softwareon his Motionworks website.

Harry Frank provides tutorials on all areas of After Effects, with an emphasis on expressions and use of third-party plug-ins on his graymachine website.

Dan Ebberts provides scripting tutorials and useful scripts on the scripting portion of the MotionScript website. Dan also provides an excellent collection of example expressions and tutorials for learning how to work with expressions on the expressions portion of the MotionScript website.

Lloyd Alvarez, Mathias Möhl, and others provide useful scripts on the After Effects Scripts website.

Mathias Möhl also provides tutorials, scripts, and more on his mamoworld website.

Jeff Almasol provides a collection of useful scripts on his redefinery website.

Stu Maschwitz provides insights and tips about After Effects and video, visual effects, and compositing in general on his ProLost blog.

The Creative COW website provides several resources for After Effects users.

Eran Stern provides tutorials in English and Hebrew on his SternFX website.

Colin Braley provides tutorials–mostly about expressions–on his website.

David Torno provides tips and tutorials about visual effects and compositing on his AE I Owe You blog.

Jerzy Drozda, Jr. provides After Effects tutorials on his Maltaannon website.

Richard Harrington provides tutorials and other useful material about After Effects and other video software on his Photoshop for Video website and Raster|Vector website. He also posts video tutorials on Adobe TV.

Chris Zwar provides articles, After Effects projects, scripts, and other resources on his website.

Christopher Green provides many useful scripts on his website.

Satya Meka provides tutorials, plug-ins, and other resources on his gutsblow website.